January 20, 2021

What sets Access Counseling apart from other counseling centers?

Access Counseling Group and Brain Wellness is a counseling center that is unique in its approach to serving its clients.  Our focus is on preparing ourselves to sit with our clients and to view them in a holistic manner (mind, body, and spirit) instead of just through a psychopathology model (which focuses on the mind).  While we are all trained and experienced in working within the traditional forms of counseling, our counselors have gone above and beyond to learn intervention techniques that provide options of intervention for the spirit, the spiritual/emotional/sub-conscious/cognitive, emotional/sub-conscious/cognitive, physical/emotional/sub-conscious/cognitive and the physical parts of our client.

We have found over time, that there is a real hierarchy to the structure of these parts of our beings.  In other words, spiritual issues and problems seems to manifest themselves in ways that effect all the other aspects of ones self.  For example, if I don’t know truth about anxiety and let it go unresolved because I have no solid way of resolving the anxiety (not just coping with it) then the anxiety can show up in my mind as “stinkin thinkin” and thus affect my gut by getting an upset stomach.  Conversely, an upset stomach is less likely to create a physical problem for someone.

Our interventions work toward meeting our clients on all levels of need.  We screen for physical problems in our intake processes because the mind body connection is powerful in affecting wellness.  We are all trained in the use of supplements and neutraceuticals to help with physical issues.  Our Charlotte counselors have all chosen to add some form of specialty that includes the physical with their traditional counseling training to expand their working model of a clients life.  As a center, we are also adding new services this year that will be deepening our ability to provide physical and physical/emotional/sub-conscious/cognitive.  More on that to come later…

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