November 25, 2021

Toxins – Part 2

8 Ways to Rid Your Life of Harmful Toxins
There are simple 8 ways to avoid many toxins and, fortunately, the human body is designed to detox itself. It just needs assistance in performing the job. Here are eight ways to reduce your risk of toxic exposure:
1.  Detox Your Diet
Buy organic, and always wash your food: neurotoxic pesticide levels are way lower in children who get organic foods. Always read and make sure to understand food labels-ignore natural: aflatoxins, arsenic, cyanide are all natural. Avoid using aluminum and Teflon cookware. Do trial eliminations (2 weeks, one at a time).
2.  Clean Up Your Diet
Limit or eliminate non-organic produce (herbicides and pesticides) dairy (hormones and antibiotics), feedlot meats hormones, antibiotics), and farmed fish junk-fed, PCBs). Increase your fiber consumption (minimum 21 grams women, 30 grams men).
3.  Eliminate Processed Foods
Remove as much as possible of processed foods and sugar from your diet. Cutting out sweet beverages can eliminate hundreds of unhealthy calories and help your pancreas.
4.  Eat More Brassicas
Brassicas, like collard greens, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, provide unique nutrients (phytonutrients) that rev up your detoxification system. This system encompasses the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin and to a lesser extent all the other tissues.
5.  Drink More Water
Your brain is 80% water, so avoid anything that dehydrates it—such as caffeine or alcohol. Being dehydrated by just 2% impairs performance in tasks that require attention, immediate memory skills, and physical performance. Since water helps flush toxins from your body, it’s recommended that you drink three to four quarts of reverse osmosis or filtered (with charcoal) water every day.
6.  Toss Toxic Cleaners
Do a bathroom cleanse and throw out all toxic products. Use the Think Dirty app (found in the Apple Store) to help replace harmful products with healthy ones.
7.  Take Vitamin C, Curcumins, Other Antioxidants Daily
Vitamin C is a versatile antioxidant and the most dollar-effective antitoxin you can get. The curcumins, which give turmeric and curries their gold color, are also powerful antioxidants but you’ll need to make sure you get a well-absorbed supplement.
8.  Fortify Your Natural Defenses
One of the best ways to protect yourself from harmful agents is to support your natural defenses with supplements. The body’s detoxification systems overlap with the immune system to help process toxic chemicals, avoid allergic and intolerance reactions, and destroy potentially harmful infectious agents. Everyone should be on a core supplement regimen.
Give your brain a fighting chance to thrive in a toxic world.
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