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Nearly 7 percent of, or approximately 15.7 million, American adults are affected by depression. Many of us are no longer shocked by that statistic as we may have loved ones who have struggled with depression or had encounters with it ourselves.   However, many of us would be shocked if we understood the extent to which depression …

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Pre-Marital Counseling

Neurobiologists have discovered a chemical is released in the brain when a couple falls in love. This chemical is called phenylethlamine and it functions in the body much like an amphetamine — thus explaining the superhuman feelings of a couple in these early stages.  Young couples often make statements like “I feel like I can …

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Gluten Sensitivity Linked To Autism: The Brain-gut Connection

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have been increasing at an alarming rate over the past 20 years. As the fastest growing developmental disability, it is estimated that 1 in every 88 births will now be affected – this equates to around 50,000 children every year. Parents, psychologists, and neurologists have been scrambling to come up with …

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Neurofeedback: Natural Add Treatment With Outstanding Results

Simply stated, brainwave biofeedback, also called Neurofeedback, is the direct training of the brain to stay more calm and focused without medication. Over the past 30 years, many clinicians have reported the effectiveness of this natural and non-invasive process for treating ADD. Level 1: Best Support Intervention for ADD. For parents who are wary about …

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What is Inattentive ADD?

Do you know anyone who constantly loses her car keys? Or maybe their glasses? You know the type – the potential absent-minded professor type or the chronic daydreamer who appears forgetful, careless or even apathetic. We all know someone like that. At Access Counseling, we prefer the term Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) because ADHD highlights …

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