October 29, 2021

Brain health and its formidable challenges.

Men ought to know that from the brain, and the brain only, arise our pleasures, joys, laughter and jests. So do our sorrows, pains, griefs and tears … sleepiness, inopportune mistakes, aimless anxieties, absentmindedness, and acts that are contrary to habit…. When the brain is still, a man can think properly, but when it moves … neither sight nor hearing are still, but we see or hear now one thing and now another, and the tongue speaks in accordance.
–Hippocrates, 5th Century BC
It is fair to say that in our day, the brains of the majority of people are anything but still. Raging epidemics of autism, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, depression, anxiety, neuropsychiatrie Lyme, and the long list of other disorders are living proof that something has gone seriously wrong with our main source of quality of life. The official statistics are that in the US alone, even just chronic pain, which often affects or originates in the brain (as recently reported by the Institute of Medicine, 2010), afflicts an astronomical 100 million people. Add sufferers of depression, anxiety, OCD, bipolar, insomnia, and many other brain afflictions, and the total number of victims escalates to a level that raises the question, who is left?
As the result, the prescription rates for psychotropic drugs and painkillers soar in hundreds of millions annually in just the US, and the fastest-growing group of heroin addicts is no longer “marginalized people” but “solid citizens”–for example, middle-class white women who get hooked on pharmaceutical opiates. Certainly, American and European neuroscientists, governments, and health officials are all concerned “about the spread and cost of mental disorders,” as stated by Thomas Insel, MD, director of the National Institute of Mental Health. As the consequence, both Europeans and Americans, through government and private foundations, have kept pouring money into “more needed research” to find the solution to autism, Lyme, Alzheimer’s, and many other brain pathologies. Just in the course of the current US presidential campaign, one of the candidates, Hillary Clinton, has pledged as much as $2 billion to Alzheimer’s disease research if elected. However, the inconvenient truth in this respect is that science does not operate by the rules of real estate or eBay transactions, wherein one can purchase goods for dollars, but by models and paradigms or the very approaches which either can or cannot solve problem.
While scientists certainly make their living and fame off the grants and would rarely voice such an issue, doubting voices do surface on occasion indicating that our overall medical research resembles more of a bottomless pit than a sound working model. “We cannot fix the problem of chronic pain because its main underlying problem–medical model–has been completely wrong,” stated Stanford University professor of medicine and chief of the Division of Pain Medicine, Sean Mackey, MD. (2) “Is something fundamentally wrong with Big Science?” questions a recent review, “Trouble in Mind,” concerning the recent collapse of a $1.3 billion European brain research project. (3) And the real trouble is not just in the brains of the afflicted patients, but in the minds of the brain researchers themselves, who simply do not see the way out of their wrong model of medical training. States a renowned Israeli neuroscientist and head of this collapsed, grandiose European undertaking, Professor Henry Markram, MD: “Although researchers worldwide were publishing tens of thousands of neuroscience studies every year, neither our understanding of basic brain function nor our ability to treat brain disorders seemed to be progressing much.” There is a personal frustration as well, since Markram has not been able to help his autistic son much either. This all means that biochemical-pharmaceutical model, whether conventional or alternative, has been dead wrong. Besides its obvious main handicaps–inability to determine and effectively treat the very causes of brain disorders–it is even more impossible for this model to establish the crucial simultaneous impacts and mutual interactions between these causes, in the body. Presented below is a very difficult case wherein, as in any chronic disease, both the causes and their combined interactions result in conditions that remain otherwise incurable, when treated through the wrong models.
Zane Testimonial
Our son, Zane, was adopted at 6 weeks old. His birth
mother worked at a convenience store located at a
gas station in Oklahoma during the entire pregnancy,
exposing Zane to hazardous chemicals in utero. At 9
years old, after being treated with a 10-day course of
amoxicillin for a strep infection, Zane’s school nurse
called to say he was exhibiting an eye blink/head roll
combination tic. At first, it occurred 50 times per day but
after a week, the tics increased to about 200 times per
day. Zane was examined by a neurologist and leading
PANDAS expert and diagnosed with PANDAS in March
2014. (4)
From March 2014 through August 2015, Zane’s condition
continued to deteriorate. He exhibited myoclonus-like
tics (which looked like epileptic seizures). He was
evaluated by an immunologist and leading PANDAS
expert as well as three neurologists. Zane’s MRI and
24 hr EEG test results were normal, and the EEG, while
capturing the myoclonic tics, indicated that they were
not seizures. In addition, Zane’s IGeneX Lyme test was
negative. During this time period, Zane was treated with
prednisone, amoxicillin, Augmentin, Bactrim and a few
other antibiotics, and multiple courses of antibiotics
were received. We also tried alternative treatments
(i.e., essential oils and other supplements), but without
Due to the full-body tics and corresponding diminished
cognitive ability, Zane could no longer attend school.
Once an “A” student with a charming personality and
liked by everyone, he could no longer read or write
without having painful tics and violent headaches. At
the time, the only thing that helped Zane was playing
Minecraft or another exciting game on the iPad. He
spent 16 hours a day playing on the iPad to avoid having
painful tics and headaches and was lost in his own
world. At night, he would have irrational fears and it was
difficult for him to fall asleep.
In August 2015, we started seeing Dr. Yurkovsky and
being treated through his FCT (4) approach consisting
of periodic bioresonance testing and homeopathic
remedies. After spending 3 hours with Zane, Dr.
Yurkovsky diagnosed him with Lyme, mercury, heavy
metals, candidiasis, strep, parasites, and significant
electromagnetic radiation, with all of these affecting
his brain. Some of these Dr. Yurkovsky has stated were
also detrimental to his immune system, and that is why
it could not resist Lyme, strep, and other infections, and
accounted for failure of multiple antibiotic treatments.
Over the next 10 months, Dr. Yurkovsky prescribed
remedies to detox Zane. He also advocated no electric
magnetic frequencies (iPad, TV, video games, etc.),
removal of all fluorescent lights in our home, and a
special candida diet, essentially eliminating white flour,
yeast, and all sugar. We also have installed Memon in
our house and car, in order to minimize electromagnetic
stress on our son’s brain and immune system. We
complied with all of his advice.
The detoxes for Zane were very difficult. While he was
detoxing a particular toxin, his des often increased and
were combined with violent headaches. The range of
his tics included jumping tics, slapping tics, vocal tics,
blinking tics, head jerking tics, and body shaking tics,
and he experienced violent headaches, body aches,
and irrational fears. It was interesting that, as it was
correlated with the treatment based on the causes of
our son’s illness, we were able to discern that each of
these categories of tics belonged to a specific cause. As
an example, jumping and slapping tics were due to Lyme,
vocal tics due to worms, etc. Zane has also suffered from
joint and entire body pains that Dr. Yurkovsky felt were
due to the Lyme’s disease, overlooked by the PANDAS
specialists. As Zane was detoxed from various parasites,
we witnessed parasites (small white worms) being
discharged from his nose and in his stool, of which we
have multiple photos. They were really coming out by
the dozen on a daily basis.
During this time, Dr. Yurkovsky also discovered mercury
vapor within our home which he believed was causing
the rather unusual aggravations of the treatment, as
well as prolonging its course. He also believed that the
antibiotics inadvertently led to the development of
mutated and more aggressive Lyme bacteria, for which
he had to prepare a special homeopathic remedy. In
July 2013, to combat any potential
mold issues within our air filtration
system, we Installed a UV light in
the air ducts. In February 2016, we
removed the UV light because it
was emitting low levels of mercury
vapor. In addition, my husband,
daughter, and I became patients
of Dr. Yurkovsky. Both my husband
and daughter tested as strep
carriers by Dr. Yurkovsky through
the same bioresonance testing
and were treated for this. Also,
both my husband and I removed
our amalgam fillings containing
mercury and were detoxed from
it and other toxic metals with Dr.
Yurkovsky’s method. All of the
main treatment consisted only of
homeopathic remedies.
By June 17, 2016, Zane’s motor
tics, headaches, joint and body
pains, and irrational fears were
gone, and his cognitive abilities
have completely recovered. He is
on track for fifth grade and doing
extremely well. As parents, we
watched our son almost go insane
primarily from Lyme, mercury
and heavy metals, parasites, and
strep, but in 10 months’ time after
detoxing those toxins, he has been
healed. We will always be grateful
to Dr. Yurkovsky and his wonderful
Mr. and Mrs. EZ & MZ
August 15, 2016
(1.) Freyer F. When the pain won’t go away. Boston Globe. July 31, 2016.
(2.) Theil S. Trouble in mind. Sci Am. September 15, 2015. “Two years in, a $l-billion-plus effort to simulate the human brain is in disarray. Was it poor management, or is something fundamentally wrong with Big Science?”
(3.) Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder
(4.) Field Control Therapy was founded by Savely Yurkovsky, MD, based on the concept of the most fundamental science of all, physics, that the entire human physiology is governed by energy fields. This concept, among other reputable scientists, has been emphasized in the work of William A. Tiller, PhD, professor emeritus of materials science and former chairman of this department at Stanford University, and FCT adviser.
Savely Yurkovsky, MD, has evolved a novel medical model that interfaces important knowledge from biology, medicine, toxicology, and physics. Its primary focus is on the most important aspect of chronic disease–its causes–along with the most effective diagnostic and therapeutic means to address these. This has transformed the often imprecise medical interventions into a far more effective, exact, and predictable science. He has founded a teaching organization, SYY Integrated Health Systems Ltd., which provides training in this medical system under the concept of FCT (Field Control Therapy). He has presented it at many professional symposia in both the US and Europe, including the annual bioterrorism 2005 conference, Unified Science & Technology for Reducing Biological Threats & Countering Terrorism, affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security and Harvard Medical School, among others. Dr. Yurkovsky was nominated for the prestigious Bravewell Leadership Award for “significant contributions to the field of medicine” and “compelling vision for the future of medicine” in 2005. He has authored numerous articles and the book The Power of Digital Medicine, which was endorsed by prominent scientists from MIT and Columbia and Stanford Universities, and contributed a chapter on homeopathy to the Textbook of Integrative Gastroenterology, edited by Gerard Mullin, MD, chief of the Integrative Gastroenterology Department at Johns Hopkins University medical school. Dr. Yurkovsky maintains a private practice in Chappaqua, New York
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