Anxiety and Depression Counseling

Anxiety and Depression Therapy

Depression and anxiety are two of the most common mental health conditions we see.

For some, there is certainly a bit of overlap between depression and anxiety. However, these two issues are not one and the same. Identifying whether a client has an anxiety disorder or depression is essential to subsequent treatment. The symptoms of each disorder are essential in understanding their differences.

Anxiety is a general apprehension about what is going to happen or could possibly happen in the future. Anxiety disorders are characterized by excessive worry and a general belief that something will go wrong. Depression is characterized by a persistent low mood, an overwhelming feeling of sadness and at times apathy. Many of those who suffer from depression have a general sense of hopelessness.

Both conditions often leave the patient feeling fatigued and drained. However, an individual with an anxiety disorder tends to feel drained following a period of intense anxiety. Those who are depressed tend to feel a constant fatigue that does not require any specific trigger.

Treatment for depression and anxiety may include lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, sleep hygiene, etc), traditional talk therapy, and sometimes medication.

Whatever you may be facing that keeps you from fully enjoying life, our therapists will work with you to help you find the answers.

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