July 1, 2021

6 Ways to Boost Your Mental Focus at Work

Some days it seems your brain just doesn’t want to focus on anything that needs to get done!

Brain fog, stress, and distractions can make your mind start to wander and you might feel like being productive is impossible.

Simple Changes for Optimal Focus

By making simple changes to your daily diet and habits, you can become more productive. To help improve your brain power, here are six ways to have better mental focus at work:

  • Supercharge your diet

Certain foods can enhance your brainpower. For example, pistachios support better blood flow, bringing oxygen into the brain. Shrimp contain choline, for strong memory. In addition, cherry juice has a high content of melatonin for better sleep and cinnamon has been shown to enhance mood!

  • Eat less sugar

Sugar can cause you to have an energy crash followed by brain fog. For good mental focus all day, have a lean protein-rich breakfast of eggs and vegetables instead of pancakes or french toast. If you are a coffee or tea drinker, add a natural sweetener like stevia instead of sugar.

  • Use supplements to supercharge your brain

Specific herbs and nutrients promote mental sharpness and improve brain productivity. Helpful adaptogenic herbs like Rhodiola and ashwagandha can fight fatigue and help you adapt to stress. Nutrients like choline and tyrosine can assist your brain with memory and endurance.

  • Go to bed a little bit earlier

Sometimes you just want to stay up late binging on your favorite television show. But if you want to have better concentration, Dr. Daniel Amen says it is important to get more sleep. After a full night of sleep, you’ll enjoy a clear mind and endurance to get you through your day.

  • Eat organic foods

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences says that “most studies of moderate pesticide exposure have found increased prevalence of neurologic symptoms and changes in neurobehavioral performance, reflecting cognitive and psychomotor dysfunction.” In other words, the pesticides on our foods are making our brains malfunction!

Always choose certified organic foods to reduce your exposure.

  • Process your thoughts

Difficulty when focusing can be worsened if you have too many thoughts floating around up there, competing for your attention. Try taking a long walk or keeping a journal to release your thoughts. These actions will allow your mind to process and let go of the chaos up there. Then you’ll be better able to focus on your work, and get more done in less time!


These small tweaks to your lifestyle can make a significant difference in your brain function! You can look forward to enhanced focus and higher productivity when you start implementing these six changes in your life.

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