Welcome to Access Counseling Group!

Access Counseling Group (ACG) exists to provide sound clinical and biblically integrated individual, marriage, and family counseling.  We work to integrate biblical truths with the best of what Psychology has to offer.


“Christian Counseling is a thoroughly professional approach to personal problems which integrates psychological and theological understanding of human function.  It is the professional process of coming alongside someone experiencing personal pain with the depth of both psychological and theological perspectives.” – Sid Bradley, Ph. D.


Our focus is on joining you in breaking the bondage of emotional and spiritual pain which leads to brokenness, so that you can experience the God given freedom and abundance in your relationship with Christ and others.  We believe that there is no healing outside of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the healing presence of Jesus Christ in peoples’ lives.  We are called to “Join YOU on this healing journey“.


The mission of ACG is growing potential in people and relationships. We strive to be a leading provider of a full spectrum of counseling services, including individual, marriage, family and group counseling.


Potential  po·ten·tial [puh-ten-shuhl]  –  adjective


1.  possible, as opposed to actual    2.  capable of being or becoming    3.  Grammar, expressing possibility


Access Counseling Group is Ministry of Access Christian Ministries, Inc. -a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3).  Serving Charlotte, NC, Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC, and Surrounding Areas.




Access Counseling Group

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